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the rise of bohemian pantry

(Gluten not required at this pantry party but YOU are!)


Frankly (and I’m being really open with you here) I had no idea I could really bake until I was forced by necessity.

I’m a poster child for inflammation.  Inflammation translates to DISTRESS and IMBALANCE in the body. Seriously, anything with gluten, refined sugar and grains and I’ll just bloat up like an Oompa Loompa (are we vibing here?)  It’s like an uninvited guest pulling an all-nighter in my body and rages on for days.  My body and mind would feel hungover for days. Not my best look and feel.

You see where this party was headed?

Understanding the dire effects of an inflammatory lifestyle, I embraced my new, sobering reality.   I held myself responsible, accountable and fundamentally shifted and looked for a new party theme for my new “enlightened” lifestyle.

I zenned on Superfoods.

Finding the affiliated and inspirational recipes to cook for my converted lifestyle that were like a 6-pack of nutrient needs: anti-inflammatory, glycemic friendly, gluten free, nutritionally neighborly for the gut and nutritionally brotherly for the body were easy. All that in a recipe to bake (who doesn’t want a Mardi Gras on their plate and palate?) and packed with Superfoods, not so much. I became frustrated, empowered then driven.


I wanted everything I couldn’t find so YOU can in a superfood dessert.

  • I created artful desserts with nutrient rich, superfood-centric parameters and made them available for cheerful consumption.

  • I cultivated a platform to acquire, inspire, share and encourage so you can feel satiated, connected and free!


so, let’s get this party started!

Bohemian Pantry was created like an open house party for YOU. You are always welcome and the door is always open.


Why Bohemian?

It’s how I see the world (we are all spiritual beings, with personal celebrations, challenges and stories for the benefit of universal and collective enlightenment). It’s about the color and uniqueness that happens and what you surround yourself with when you walk your “road less traveled” - the Bohemian Road. It’s about that road traveled every day and manifesting your life into the LIGHT, because that’s the best party theme ever! Right?  LIVING IN THE LIGHT (I imagine an LED themed billboard flashing with spectacular colors, like my i-phone charger I have plugged in all the time).

Why Pantry?

I see it as a philosophy: The “Pantry” of Life. The “party accessories” (life choices) we select from our “life’s pantry” (life options) that nurtures and heals our body so we can be our best selves at any given moment and time.  ALWAYS.

I hope to see you around and delight in the delicious festivities!

Love + Light + Let the Fork be with you,

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NOTE: Statements regarding dietary benefits have not been evaluated by the F.D.A and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or health conditions

All opinions written by Bohemian Pantry are just that – opinions.  I’m all about Dharma not Dogma.