Easy Like A CHIA Morning

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Who doesn’t love the multi-functional maven chia?  Morning, noon or night, life is truly easy when this superfood dynamo is chillin’ in your pantry.   Between the health benefits, culinary diversity (from egg replacer to pudding princess to BOHO gem) and being great for chowing down any time of the day… the things this gal does are right!

Seems to me this girl does all she can - All for your benefit.

I never gave chia much consideration for consumption (my bad) until I transformed my dietary lifestyle and began cooking with superfood-centric parameters in my kitchen and pummeled them into my baking (BOHO Gems).  With all of the health benefits it beckoned, and as I bore witness to the diversity this seed delivers, I became a dire hard fan: a consumption “lifer” (all in moderation) and a driven baker (all in the creation).

No need to beg, steal or borrow - An all in one powerhouse of superfood nutrition.

So, what makes this an ultimate meal maven morning, noon or night? Well, for example an 1/8C of chia provides 5G of protein, 20% of calcium, 13G of carbohydrates (fiber) and 9G of fat of which only 1G is saturated and has much potassium as a small banana (hmmm, do you envision a meal alternative in your immediate future?).  She has a high concentration of omega 3’s and there’s no faking the potential benefits (to list a few):

·        Anti-Inflammatory

·        Prevents Osteoporosis

·        Prevents  Arthritis

·        Repairs Skin Cells

·        Boosts Digestive Health

·        Aids Dental Health

·        Assists with Weight Loss

I don’t know about you, but to me this translates to a righteously nutrimental meal. 

It can be what it wants it to be – And that’s super!

What in the world can you do with Chia? Why am I writing about Chia? This seed the ancient Mayans named for “Strength” becomes more of an impressive ingredient substitution and displays diversity that I’m only beginning to understand and be amazed with. It’s so easy to love this seed. Even the hardcore carnivores can embrace this maven with an open plate and palate.  Some of the wizardly transformations it can produce:

·        Egg substitute

·        Thickener in soups or gravies

·        Topper over salads, cereal or oatmeal

·        Breading for chicken, fish or eggplant

·        Healthy Pudding

·        Healthy Jams

·        Mousse

·        Ingredient in smoothies

 There’s no cheese in this cake – And that’s alright. 

When I attempted to create my first vegan version of a cheesecake that duplicated my desire for the density and texture with Superfood SHA-ZAM, I turned to chia for a missing piece of this particular BOHO Gem puzzle and never looked back. She’s allowed my baking instincts to be free and to let me know the things I do are right.  

 Its easy, easy like a Chia Morning.

So, try transforming a Sunday morning to a Chia morning.  Why Sunday? Who doesn’t want to start the week chillin’ and feeling fine? You deserve it! Besides, there’s nothing like one of my favorite songs to inspire a whole blog about chia!

Stuck for turning your Sunday morning into a CHIA morning?

Some ideas to ponder without spring cleaning your pantry or belly - all you need to do is “sprinkle” into:

Baking batters (pancake, muffin, cookie, cobblers and cakes), Salads (mixed green, fruit and kimchi), Salad dressings, Smoothies and just take it easy, easy like a Chia morning.

 Statements regarding dietary benefits have not been evaluated by the F.D.A and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or health conditions. All opinions written by Bohemian Pantry are just that – opinions.  I’m all about Dharma not Dogma.

Mimmi Fitzgerald