Hey Bae! Meet Baobab

Bye Felicia!

When I took off and back packed solo through Africa 18yrs ago, and eyeballed the Baobab tree determinedly infused in the Kenyan landscape; I swooned with love.  Imagine…resolute, elevated like a high rise daring anything to compete with it, the trunk looking more like a colossal Cohiba, branches and leaves pluming from the top that’s more of an inventive after- thought than a botanical necessity; I assure you, it was just sick!  For sure, this tree is my all-time fav.

If I knew then what I know now, what Africans call “The Tree of Life” produces, I think I would have rolled up, chill-laxed under one these super fruit bad boys and hail some serious shout-outs of appreciation.


The Baobab is one of the oldest trees in the world, and grows a fruit when cracked opened, reveals a light colored powder substance.  Once harvested and up for sale, this super sassy powder can turn your smoothie into an antioxidant cocktail of delish – I can’t even tell you!  Some other on point additions you can use Baobab powder for are in your drinks and baking.  This relatively unknown superfood powder is just beginning to make it’s nutritive presence known, and I’m totally down.


All the power is in this tangy-citrusy tasting powder of yum.  So, what’s got me raising the roof about this light cream, slightly orange color of nutritional bomb-ness?  Antioxidants.

Baobab contains twice the antioxidants compared to the Goji Berry and Acai, and to throw more shade their way, Baobab has 6 times more vitamin C than an orange and has a seriously good amount of fiber.  All this translates into a wicked powder, with phenomenal benefits, in a one stop shop.


Baobab kills it with some of the potential health perks:

·        Glowing Skin

·        Boots Immune System

·        Anti-inflammatory

·        Helps Weight Loss

·        Helps Prevent Dental Problems

·        Prevents Diabetes

·        Pre-biotic


Zero Chill!

Baobab is like fam in my BOHO kitchen and belly.  In fact, I add this powder into many of my BOHO gems and it supplies a great nutritive edge and flavor profile I adore.  For my lifestyle, I mix a tablespoon of (organic) Baobab powder in a cup of spring water and chug it down like an old school Tang drink. I love, love, love this powder.  I often get compliments on my glowing skin, and for anyone who has known me long enough knows that I rarely wear any make-up; The glow is for real.  I believe some of this is the result of consuming Baobab powder, IMHO.

Stay Woke!

Usually, if I’m not in the kitchen, I’m reading, watching or listening to something regarding nutritional healing.  Currently, I’m studying up on gut flora, gut bacteria and candida.  I was elated to learn about Baobab and its pre-biotic effects. 

Hey Bae!

Pre-biotic fiber is found in many vegetables and fruits; however, oftentimes the challenge is consuming the ideal amount we truly need daily for superior gut health.  So, the pre-biotic fiber in Baobab is very concentrated and offers a superstar addition to your nutritional lifestyle and healing foods.  Because, when you listen to your gut, don’t you want it to respond accordingly?

Health is an open journey and one I continue to learn, expand and manifest everyday:  Baobab is my Bae!

Have a fab day and keep foodn’.

 Statements regarding dietary benefits have not been evaluated by the F.D.A and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or health conditions. All opinions written by Bohemian Pantry are just that – opinions.  I’m all about Dharma not Dogma.

Mimmi Fitzgerald