LOCO for Lucuma


Uno, dos, tres…There are mucho reasons why I’m livin la vida loco for this fruit.  It has potential health benefits that seem like the Florence Nightingale of superfoods, the versatility (from sweetener substitute to ice-cream flavor) that impresses and a flavor (tastes a little sweet with hints of vanilla and soft, buttery caramel) that fuses beautifully in nutritive creations.  I understand why the Peruvians call it “The Gold of the Incas”; This little amiga is a golden bullion of superfood wealth.


Hola, me llamo Lucuma… At first glance, the Lucuma powder looks more like the remnants of a finely grounded cream colored prismacolor (anyone who knows me, knows this translates to a source of baking inspiration) and when I tasted it for the first time, I wondered why on earth I hadn’t experienced this elixir before!  I’m finding it’s still a best kept secret from Latin America, but one I’m going to share with anyone who wants to open their options to a superfood powder, just waiting to be part of a kitchen pantry fiesta. 


Que’ pasa?...Well, a lot actually.  Lucuma’s known for having 14 trace minerals that the body needs (in microscopic amounts compared to minerals) and aid in the structural and regulatory functions of the body.  Its “sweetness” has a naturally low glycemic index response so it keeps blood sugar levels tranquillo, has an array of antioxidants that’s a compadre against aging, free radicals, cancer, inflammation and has healthy carbohydrates that help keeps your body and brain functioning in ándale.  In addition, its been noted that the oil extracted from the nut is used for healing wounds and treat skin irritation, making Lucuma all the more bueno.


Fiesta not Siesta… Lucuma powder gives my BOHO Gems a wonderfully subtle sweetness that adds a flavor of sophistication I was looking for with potential health benefits I was yearning for.  Your baked goods, smoothies, drinks and not to mention skin care regime (more on that in a forthcoming BOHO Bloggin) can be transformed and come alive with the potential benefits of Lucuma.

Here are some nutritive ideas that just might make you head out tonight and celebrate with a pisco sour:

·        Lucuma flavored ice cream (Peruvian’s favorite)

·        Healthy caramel sauce/syrup for pancakes, cakes, sweet buns, fruit and ice cream

·        Natural sweetener for nut butters, smoothies and puddings

·        Mix in your cooked oatmeal, ancient grains or seeds

·        Add a little dash to your coffee or hot tea (you might be surprised)


I hope you give this superfood powder a try if you haven’t already – there’s always room for one more at a pantry party!

Huesta luego for now amigos and amigas😊


Statements regarding dietary benefits have not been evaluated by the F.D.A and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or health conditions

All opinions written by Bohemian Pantry are just that – opinions.  I’m all about Dharma not Dogma.

Mimmi Fitzgerald