BOHO Select Box

BOHO Select Box


Your box includes a combination (chosen by YOU!) of seven of the following:

  • BOHObrite CHIA-eese Cake (vegan)

  • BOHOnkers CHIA-eese Cake (vegan)

  • BOHOloco Cocao Torte (vegan)

  • BOHOmptious Baobab-Lemon Torte (vegan)

  • BOHOpulant Cocao Bundt (low-carb)

  • BOHOlicious Lucuma-Lemon Bundt (low-carb)

  • BOHObijoux (vegan)

Bundts, Tortes and Baubles are approx. 3 inches in diameter; Chia-eese cakes are approx. 4 inches in diameter; and serving sizes are 1-2 per Sampler & Select size Gems.

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